Conservatory Ideas That’ll Wow!

"Chances are you’ve landed here because your conservatory is crying out for a bit of love! Or maybe you’re reading this because you want to add a wow conservatory to your home?"

Chances are you’ve landed here because your conservatory is crying out for a bit of love! Or maybe you’re reading this because you want to add a wow conservatory to your home? Either way, there is no reason why your conservatory can’t be as stylish and loved as the rest of your home – if not more so. Conservatories have had a bad rap for being cold spaces that become cluttered and unused. But we’re here to tell you how to turn yours from drab to fab!

Cosy conservatory ideas

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. The construction and materials used in older conservatories can mean they become too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. It’s the reason why our Warmer Roof solution is one of our best sellers. A Warmer Roof from Ironglaze is the solution to keeping your conservatory’s temperature in check. It is a ‘pod’ system which uses lightweight tiles and provides unrivalled thermal performance.

Once your conservatory’s temperature problem is solved, you can focus on making it inviting as well as cosy! Soft furnishings such as cushions and throws, will make the space tempting and welcoming, and give a restful feeling. You could even take the cosiness to the next level by installing a log burner. Nothing quite says snuggly atmosphere like the warmth and flickering flame of a wood stove!

Cool conservatory ideas

When it comes to setting the vibe for your conservatory, why not take inspiration from the best?! Health spas and independent garden centres will often make great use of a conservatory by making them relaxing spaces to pause for a drink. There is no reason you can’t recreate this feel when decorating your conservatory.

Get the look of a cool hipster coffee shop by filling the room with an abundance of exotic or warmth-loving plants then nestle comfy sofas and mid-century chairs amongst them. Accessorise with Persian rugs, cool side tables and tasselled cushions for a true boho vibe. Use mirrors to bring the outside in and why not even add fairy lights to give the room an ambient glow in the evenings.

Conservatory or extension?

One of the biggest reasons people neglect to use their conservatories is because they are so closed off from the rest of the house. Consider whether you could knock down the wall between the house and conservatory and achieve ultimate open-plan living. Knocking through will give an extension feel without the hefty price tag. (Of course, do check with planners – a decent builder will advise you on any permissions and restrictions for these works.)

If you can’t fully open up between your house and your conservatory then widening the opening is another great option. Do this either with double doors or an archway. Your household is guaranteed to use the space so much more when is more accessible and looks inviting.

How to make your conservatory a key part of your home

Even if you do need to have doors between the house and the conservatory, a great trick is to make the spaces feel like one. You can achieve this by continuing the same flooring throughout, or by using the same colour palette. Alternatively, make your conservatory and garden become one! Having decking or a patio that is level with your conservatory’s internal floor will unite the spaces for harmonious inside/outside living, the same way the best bifold doors do.

Whatever way you choose to make your conservatory ‘wow!’ remember to make the most of this valuable space. So whether you are creating an extra living space for your growing family, an oasis of calm to be your office, a dining space, a breakfast room, or a garden room, considered use is key. The good thing about conservatories is that they can be any of those things. So make yours work for your household, and use our conservatory ideas to make a space that Wows!

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