Benefits of installing a roof lantern

"The right lighting can elevate a space from something mundane to something truly special, and nothing brings your space to life quite like a roof lantern!"

Remodelling your home can take many directions, but for most people, it will involve extending to gain more space. That could be outwards, in the form of an extension, or upwards, such as a loft conversion. When it comes to planning these new rooms, lighting is a crucial consideration. The right lighting can elevate a space from something mundane to something truly special, and nothing brings your space to life quite like a roof lantern!

What is a roof lantern?

Roof lanterns were used way back in the 16th Century in countries such as France and Italy. Traditionally made from timber and glass, roof lanterns were fitted to flat roofs on buildings such as orangeries. This was an ideal way to maximise light in winter when the days are shorter and more light is needed to over-winter warmth-loving plants. 

 Fast forward a few hundred years and these elongated pyramid windows (now made from modern materials) are being embraced in our homes. The cool, architectural construction of a roof lantern not only looks great but illuminates our rooms too. Roof lanterns give a room more height, and with glazing on all four sides, they let in much more light versus standard ceiling windows or skylights.

Should I add a roof lantern to my extension?

Extensions are often designed with flat roofs for a stylish, modern look. This also prevents issues caused by having various pitches too – such as blocking upstairs windows. And the good news is that roof lanterns are ideal for flat roofs. Not only will a roof lantern benefit your internal space but it can look great from the exterior too. 

No matter which direction your new extension faces, a lantern window allows light to flood in. Channelling natural sunlight from all angles will save you money on electric light sources. Here at Ironglaze, our glazing boasts thermal efficiency, so that your space stays cool in the summer but keeps you warm in the winter, in turn reducing your heating bills too.

Will a roof lantern add value to my home?

More and more of us are opting to renovate our houses rather than move home. The cost of living crisis and rising mortgage interest rates means many people are choosing to self-build and modernise in order to gain a larger space that works for them. And why not?! Renovation projects give you the freedom to update your home and personalise its entire look and feel. 

Roof lanterns can add value to your home by giving it curb appeal. Their architectural vibe and modern look will increase your home’s desirability. Internally, a roof lantern is a wow feature which gives character to the room and creates a feeling of extra space. It brightens the room in a striking way and makes the space feel like somewhere potential buyers will want to spend their every waking moment. (That said, install a roof lantern and we don’t think you’ll be wanting to sell your beautiful home anytime soon!)

Do I need planning permission to install a roof lantern?

You don’t need planning permission to fit roof windows. However, if you are wanting to install roof lanterns as part of a new extension your architect will want to detail this in the plans and planning documents. For existing extensions, it is worth gaining building regulations approval by having someone take a look at your roof’s structure before installation. The good news is, once you’ve been given the go-ahead, installation can be done in as little as a day!

If you are looking for more advice or information, or to obtain a quote for a roof lantern, this is something our experienced team at Ironglaze can help you with. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to advise you. When it comes to letting your home shine, roof lanterns are unrivalled!

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