Best Windows for Increasing Natural Light

"It’s springtime and the brighter, lighter, longer days are here! More daylight hours, and sunny days in particular, have been shown to lift our mood, make us calmer and happier, and improve our outlook too."

It’s springtime and the brighter, lighter, longer days are here! 

More daylight hours, and sunny days in particular, have been shown to lift our mood, make us calmer and happier, and improve our outlook too. So how do you capitalise on the sunshine by bringing it into your home? We’re here to reveal all…

Keep it clean!

One of the cheapest, easiest and most effective ways of letting more light into your home is to give your windows a good clean. We recommend soapy water and a squeegee, but many swear by distilled vinegar and microfibre cloths. Perfect panes won’t look nearly as good if they’re surrounded by grubby frames, so don’t forget to give the frames a good clean too.

Nothing will brighten up your home quite like good, clean windows!

Maximise energy efficiency

Cleaning your windows also presents an opportunity to give your windows a ‘service’. Check over the condition of rubber seals, handles and hardware, and look to remedy any cracks or gaps. Draughty windows are not energy-efficient windows, which is something we have become all too aware of with rising energy costs. If you’re still having to turn your heating on regularly despite the better weather, it could be a sign you need to repair or replace your windows.

Add a bay?

When it comes to styles of windows, bay windows are almost unrivalled on the light-letting-in front. They give your home a classy, classic curb appeal and don’t disappoint on the inside either. If you are lucky enough to own a home with bay windows – congrats! If not, consider installing them. They allow natural light to flood in, add character, and make a room feel much bigger.

Look up!

Excuse the pun, but roof lighting is a top way to allow light to pour into your home! Skylights and roof lanterns truly maximise natural light. The former are ideal for top floors, vaulted ceilings or loft conversions, whilst the latter look incredible on flat roofs and single-storey extensions. Thanks to their angular construction, roof lanterns are great at capturing the sunlight at any time of day, eliminating the need for electric light sources, thus lowering your energy bill too.

Doors are an untapped resource

The doors of your home are an untapped resource for natural light optimization. Internal glass doors allow light to flow from room to room, but their ultra-modern look is not for everyone. External doors can be ideal additional sources of light too. Replacing a solid front door with one with windows will not only illuminate your hallway but brighten adjoining spaces too. Even a single glazing panel can have a big impact. 

Here at Ironglaze, we have an extensive range of front doors with windows, in all colours and styles. 
When it comes to back doors why not go the whole hog with stylish bifold doors?! Bi-folds are increasing in popularity as they provide a floor-to-ceiling, full-width opening to the outside. More stylish than patio doors, bifold doors connect the inside with the outside, allowing the two spaces to feel like one. As well as a wide range of styles, we can glaze your choice of bifold door with standard toughened glass, optionally laminated glass or even solar control anti-sun allowing for a wide flexibility of combinations.

Lighten up

Optimising natural light in your home will lower your energy consumption, provide a better ambience, and increase your mood. Replacing old, tired doors and windows with new well-thought-out modern versions can transform the rooms in your home. 

So talk to us today about the best windows for increasing natural light in your home. We’d love to hear from you!

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