5 Great Places to Install Bifold Doors

5 Great Places to Install Bifold Doors

5 Great Places to Install Bifold Doors

Posted on March 21, 2016

The bifold door is a sleek and stylish design. It adds elegance and sophistication to a home, because it allows the space to be easily transformed. Whether bifolding frames are fitted inside a house or as part of the transition between home and garden, they always look beautiful. With the right amount of pressure, bifold doors open up a room and give it new dimensions.

For all of these reasons, bifold doors have become quite popular over the last few years. They are not just seen in domestic spaces either, because many cafes and restaurants now contain them. If a building has a patio or deck, bifold doors are particularly useful, because they allow the inside and outside environments to converge.

So, where is the best place to fit high quality bifold doors? Do they work best in smaller homes or as part of roomier family spaces? Should they only be used in houses or is the current trend for bifolding frames in eateries a good example for small businesses to follow? Well, the good news is that bifold doors are extremely versatile.

There are no real limits to where they can be installed, so give yourself some design inspiration with our handy guide to the most suitable spots.

Small Flats and Apartments

The bifold door is absolutely perfect for restricted living spaces, because its main function is to merge rooms. With its concertina fold effect, a door of this type can be used in place of a permanent dividing wall and simply drawn back for space when needed. They allow the designers of small homes the freedom to choose privacy and ample room.

Small Businesses

As aforementioned, a lot of small businesses are now installing bifold doors on their premises. They are especially popular with eateries, because a bifolding frame means that outside decking can be brought inside, and vice versa. Customers can choose to dine outdoors, but they don’t have to settle for missing out on the ambience of the restaurant.

Domestic Interiors

While bifold doors are good for opening up space in smaller homes, they can also be used to section off very large spaces in bigger homes. For example, if you have one large bedroom, but two children, bifold doors are a novel way to add privacy. They give each child a personal space, but they can be pushed aside easily when they want to play together. Also, bifold doors are really great for directing natural light around a home.

Domestic Exteriors

This is probably the most common use of bifold doors, because they were originally designed to separate exterior and interior environments, in a way which was not too permanent. So, for instance, if you have a barbecue or a garden party, you can draw the concertina style doors back and open up the lounge or living space to the garden. For homes with pools, the visual impact of bifold doors is very appealing.

Sheds and Garages

You might also want to consider installing bifold doors on the front of a shed or garage. If you are not a fan of electric garage doors, bifolding frames are a cheap and efficient alterative. And, they will never get stuck during a power outage. All you have to do is give the door a push, in the right direction, and it will concertina to one side. Think of it like a much sturdier shower curtain; bifold doors are effective, affordable, and extremely practical.

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