Discover the Benefits of Using UPVC Fascia Boards on Your House

Discover the Benefits of Using UPVC Fascia Boards on Your House

Discover the Benefits of Using UPVC Fascia Boards on Your House

Posted on December 14, 2015

There are some types of routine maintenance which are always met with a frown; the changing of wooden fascia boards is usually one of them. Whilst it is a fairly basic DIY job, it can be cumbersome, time consuming, and costly if done incorrectly. Plus, it is even more frustrating if you have to replace fascia on soffits and walls during unfriendly weather.

The bad news is that the job can rarely be avoided. If you have wooden fascia on the outside of your home and you live in a moderately rainy climate, over time, water will gradually degrade its exterior façade and start to rot the material away. As a construction material, wood is strong and durable, but it cannot last for ever – eventually, it will need replacing.

The good news, however, is that wood is no longer the only choice for fascia. There are now lots of alternative materials on the market, with uPVC fascia board fast becoming the most popular option for homeowners. As uPVC fascia board is impervious to water decay, it requires the minimum amount of maintenance and all but eradicates repair and replacement costs.

The Benefits of Using uPVC Fascia Board

With the help of our specialist fascia fitters, replacing and restoring exterior facades is easier and more affordable than ever. As a reliable roofing company we will custom measure your uPVC fascia board, deliver and install it, and show you how to look after it. We can also explain exactly why uPVC is a better choice for modern homes than wooden fascia.

Ultimately, the value of UPVC fascia board lies with the fact that it does not rot or decay. This makes it absolutely ideal for the outside of homes, because it can be exposed to the wind and rain for long periods of time without disintegrating. So, not only do you, the homeowner, get to avoid those cumbersome DIY roofing jobs; you also get to save money on replacement tools and materials.

As uPVC fascia board is made out of plastic, it requires little to no maintenance. Unlike wooden boards, there is no need to keep up with regular paint jobs, as the protective coating fades away and leaves the wood beneath exposed – uPVC will not fade. This means no clambering up ladders in the winter and no hanging off ledges, trying to reach those awkward spots.
For a beautiful exterior, you just have to install the UVPC fascia board, sit back, and try not to take too much pleasure in watching the neighbours repaint their wooden façade. It really is that easy and the best part is, you do not even have to handle the installation yourself. These days, professional installation is very affordable and will make sure that your home stays in tip top condition for as long as possible.

There is nothing more important for a home than strength and security, so make the right choice when it comes to your property and opt for a material which is robust, sturdy, and guaranteed to last as long as you do. For walls and soffits, put your faith in plastic and discover just how easy it is to resist the forces of nature.
For more information and advice on installing uPVC fascia board on your home or to arrange a roofing consultation, contact us at Iron:Glaze today. With the right tools, materials, and support, you too can create a roof which will weather all storms.