How to Tell If Your Double Glazing Windows Need Replacing

How to Tell If Your Double Glazing Windows Need Replacing

How to Tell If Your Double Glazing Windows Need Replacing

Posted on April 28, 2017

It is surprising how little we know about double glazing and why it works considering the vast majority of us have it in our homes. In fact, almost all new builds now include double glazing windows as standard. Yet, few people realise that it has a lifespan, in the same way, that roofs and central heating systems do.

The highest quality double glazing in Ipswich can be expected to last a decade or more, so it is easy to get value for money if you pick the right installer. Right up until the end of its life, there should be no misting of the panes, no accelerated heat loss, and no reduction in sound absorbency. If these things are happening to your windows, you might need replacements.

Keep reading to find out how to tell if double glazing in Suffolk needs replacing with a newer, stronger installation.

The Common Signs of Wear and Age

Double glazed windows which are very old or of a poor quality tend to develop little holes. It allows moisture to get inside, between the two panes of glass, even though they are supposed to form an airtight vacuum. Once inside, the moisture heats up and condenses, so you get an unsightly mist across the surface of the double glazing.

It can be pretty frustrating because it obscures light and it means that the double glazing is not performing as well it should anymore. It is likely to be leaking heat to the outside and causing your home to run less efficiently too. While you can always wait it out – the misting does not make the window unsafe in any way – it will not fix itself. You need a replacement.

The Biggest Stresses and Strains

For double glazing in Ipswich, the most significant stressors are the elements and poor design. One of these things you can only have limited control over, unfortunately. For instance, windows which look directly onto strong sunlight tend to be the ones which mist up first. They have a slightly shorter lifespan because the UV rays are quite tough on the glass.

The most common issues are with the installation, so it is important that your double glazing in Suffolk gets fitted by an expert team. If the unit is not positioned firmly on the packers, it will shift and move. This causes pockets of air to appear and seal to become degraded. Try to hire an installer with a superb local reputation and lots of glowing customer reviews.

The Right Way to Find an Installer

The best way to get a feel for a company is to talk directly with a representative. You can read all of the online testimonials that you like, but the aim should always be to speak to somebody directly too. It will allow you to answer any questions that you have about the installation process; perhaps regarding the double glazing materials, or how long fitting takes.

You can request a cost estimate and discuss the best type of double glazing for your home. Ultimately, it is worth spending a little more time and money to invest in a product which is going to last for a decade or more, as it is intended to. Good double glazing has the potential to save you hundreds on your energy bills, each year, so it is a true investment.

For more information and advice on double glazing installations, visit Ironglaze. Or, call 01473 40022 to request a cost estimate for your home.