Tips for Making the Most of Your Conservatory This Summer

Tips for Making the Most of Your Conservatory This Summer

Tips for Making the Most of Your Conservatory This Summer

Posted on April 21, 2016

The conservatory is one of those things that we turn to in times of wealth and indulgence. It is not just a practical structure, because it is also a kind of status symbol. It’s an expansion of a home that says ‘We’ve made it.’ So, unsurprisingly, conservatories are one of the most popular types of domestic build in the UK.

A high quality conservatory in Suffolk is pretty much guaranteed to increase the resale value of a home. It should be treated as an investment, because it will add to the worth of the property in a number of different ways. Use it wisely and you will get the chance to benefit from a whole new space; you could use it for guests, as a summer room, a utility area, or even turn it into a games room or ‘man cave.’

These hints and tips for making the most of your conservatory this summer will help you maximise its potential.

Find a Seasonal Balance

One thing to avoid is decorating your conservatory too instinctively. For instance, if you dedicate yourself to a summer long build and it comes to completion just as autumn is approaching, it might be tempting to fill it with soft furnishings, warm colours, and cosy fixtures. The problem is that this kind of décor is going to feel stifling when the summer returns.

The key to getting the most out of a conservatory is to find a balance between the seasons. Pick furniture and accessories that can be used all year round. Or, find an easy way to rotate furnishings and fittings. For example, you could keep things cool in the summer with light, wicker furniture, but inject a little winter cosiness later in the year by adding heavy throws.

Avoid Mess and Clutter

It is important not to fill your conservatory with too much mess or clutter. This will decrease the efficiency and potential of the space and make it feel smaller and more oppressive. In the summer, you want a space that is light, airy, and easy to move around. So, don’t be tempted to cram it full of furniture.

Think carefully about the floorplan and do not use your conservatory as a junk or ‘holding’ room for stuff you can’t find a place for. In fact, it is best to treat it as an extension of your home; make sure that the colours complement the décor that runs throughout your property. Make the conservatory appealing and inviting, but giving it an all year round function.

Give Your Extension a Purpose

If you don’t have children or your kids are older, you can afford to really splash out and have some fun with your conservatory. Why not add a portable drinks bar for a bit of class and sophistication that doesn’t also require a lot of extra work? Add quirky pieces of furniture, with curved edges and a contemporary design, to really bring your space up to date.

If the extension is on the large side, adding a svelte screen door can be a way to divide up the space and give it more than one function. For instance, you could have a section for reading and enjoying the sun and another for sewing, board games, or drawing. The possibilities are endless if you inject a little imagination into it.

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