7 Benefits of upgrading your windows and doors

"We may be biased, but new windows and doors look incredible on properties. They make a home look more inviting, loved and looked after."

We may be biased, but new windows and doors look incredible on properties. They make a home look more inviting, loved and looked after. But did you know, modernising your windows and doors to our high-performance, A-rated range can do wonders for your home’s energy efficiency too – read more about this in our previous blog article: Save money this winter with new windows.

And in case you need any further convincing, here are 7 more reasons why upgrading your property’s doors and windows could be a good move:

1. New windows enhance security

Single-glazed and rickety old windows are a green light for thieves who will spot this as an easy target. Conversely, modern homes with double-glazed windows and doors and new multi-point locks keep your home more secure.

2. Fresh frames for a contemporary style 

At IronGlaze we pride ourselves on our versatile offering of windows and doors. Our range includes more traditional styles as well as contemporary looks so that you can update your home in keeping with the property’s age and design, or give it a whole new, more modern appearance – the choice is yours!

3. Add value to your home 

Improved energy efficiency is a surefire way to add value. Even if you have no plans to list your house for sale, you never know what the future holds. Did you know all UK house sales require an EPC – Energy Performance Certificate to be conducted? Increasing your property’s energy rating, and its appeal will help you to achieve a top price for your home. 

4. Improved curb appeal

What’s more, upping your home’s curb appeal will surely mean a quick sale should the day come for you to move on. And if you stay put, you’ll benefit from arriving home to a beautiful-looking house every day, and even keep the neighbours happy!

5. Modern materials mean less maintenance

In fact, our windows are virtually maintenance-free, bar keeping them sparkling clean! Compared with older wooden-frame windows, which require regular painting, patching and upkeep, UPVC is zero hassle! If you like the appearance of wood, but want to enjoy the benefit of low-maintenance windows consider our woodgrain effect UPVC.

6. Upgraded windows give your boiler a break

When you have draughty windows your boiler may need to run almost constantly to keep your home warm. New windows are far more energy efficient and keep heat in, meaning your boiler doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature; reducing your bills and potentially extending the life of your boiler as a result!

7. Enhance your interiors

Finally, people often think about new windows and doors in terms of how they look on the outside. But upgrading them can have a dramatic impact on your interiors too. Your frame choice can really enhance your room decor, not to mention the sparkling new glass that’ll let light flood in!

Invest in new windows and doors this spring and start saving

Rising energy costs and increasing concerns about the environment mean that efficiency is now a priority for many homeowners. At IronGlaze, our high-performance windows and doors are designed to help combat these concerns. If you live in Ipswich or the surrounding area, we are ready to help you

What could be better than a warm, welcoming home which costs you less to heat?!

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