Best ways to keep your windows clean all year round

"Year-round it can feel like the elements are against us when it comes to keeping our windows clean."

Year-round it can feel like the elements are against us when it comes to keeping our windows clean. Whether it’s the kids’ fingerprints, the ‘sand rain’ that we’ve seen come over from the Sahara, bird mess or general dirt and debris on your windows and doors; unclean glass looks unsightly! It can dull our rooms and give an otherwise spick-and-span home a scruffy outlook. But we’re here to share some pointers for keeping your windows and doors looking spotless whatever the season!

Minimal effort window-cleaning

Let’s face it, the time-poor of us will pay a professional window cleaner to wash our window exteriors. But if you want the insides to be clean too (why wouldn’t you?!), or if hiring a cleaner is not in your budget, or even if you want to do an interim clean to keep things sparkling; then here are some top window cleaning tips:

Clean before you clean

Give your windows and doors a brush down with a duster or a soft-bristled brush before you start the clean. Going straight in with sprays and damp cloths is only going to smear the surface grime around your windows. And don’t forget to give the frames a wipe-down as well.

The right tools for the job

We’ve said it before, we swear by soapy water and a decent squeegee for window cleaning, butmany people prefer distilled vinegar and use microfibre cloths. Either is great for regular windowcleaning. Specialist products can work wonders when dirt has built up, but you must be careful not to damage the glass.

Tackling really dirty windows

If it’s been a while since your windows have been cleaned you may choose to use a heavy-duty product and it goes without saying, you should always read the label. We recommend spraying any chemicals onto your cloth or sponge rather than directly onto the panes in order to avoid damaging the glass or frame and always wear gloves. Alternatively, washing up liquid and elbow grease is a great, cost-effective way to cut through filth and stains such as calcium markswhich are all too common in hard water areas like where we are based in Suffolk.

The best window cleaning tips for all seasons

The best way to prolong the lifespan of your new windows is to take great care of them. Your stylish windows and doors are an investment and they deserve to be looked after to stay looking their best! We’d recommend a monthly window clean, as regular maintenance is far less effort, but at the bare minimum, you should aim to scrub each season.


Sprucing up your windows and doors should top your spring clean list. Think of this as your windows’ and doors’ annual deep clean, a yearly service if you will, just like your car gets. Cleanthe windowsills inside and out, and open up your windows to get inside the frames to clean too. This is the perfect opportunity to check over the condition of all handles, hinges and seals, and repair or replace where needed. New windows can be more affordable than you’d think, so if you’re in Ipswich or surrounding areas do get in touch for a quote.


Clear and sparkling windows will make the most of the summer sun and brighten your home up to its full potential. In the summer we recommend washing your windows on a cloudy day. In thebright sunlight, the sun’s rays will dry your windows too fast, before you’ve even had a chance to wash the cleaning product off, which can cause unsightly streaks. First thing in the morning, before the sun is too high in the sky, can work too, or why not make use of those long summer evenings?!


Our windows really battle the elements in autumn with leaves falling relentlessly, and debris dirting our doors and windows on windy days. Keeping on top of your window cleans at this timeof year will prevent grime from building up. It’s also a great way to cling on to as much natural light as possible as the days get shorter. Whilst cleaning your windows it can be worth clearing out any leaves from your guttering too. Many exterior cleaning companies offer both services – a worthwhile investment to keep your home in top condition.


Finally, in winter it can be all too easy to neglect and forget about keeping your windows and doors clean. However, if you have visitors coming, or even just for your own benefit, clean windows will lift your home, giving it a loved and well-maintained look. What’s more, if you are planning on creating a wonderful festive window display, it will look ten times better on clear, bright windows! Cleaning your windows is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of letting more light into your home. Whatever time of year, immaculate windows will maximise natural light in your homeand add a level of curb appeal!

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