Need more space? Why bifold doors are so effective at opening up your home

"There comes a time when we all crave more space in our homes. Unfortunately, for many of us building an extension is not a viable option. For many more of us, it is just too…"

There comes a time when we all crave more space in our homes. Unfortunately, for many of us building an extension is not a viable option. For many more of us, it is just too costly. So what is the alternative solution? This could be the time to consider bifold doors! Bifold doors have the power to create the illusion of more space. They allow light to flood in, connect the indoors and outdoors and are hugely effective at opening up your home. Let us tell you more…

Bifold doors let light flood in

Bifold doors are beautiful fully glass doors with slim frames that fold in a zig-zag to open up a space. They are more visually appealing than the standard sliding patio or French doors and are ultra-secure too. By providing a floor-to-ceiling, full-width opening to the outside an influx of natural light will fill your room, adding an element of ambient openness to your home.

A light, bright home is sure to feel spacious, clean and airy, and create the illusion of space. What’s more, forgotten or dark corners of the home become exciting, usable areas – meaning that you may just gain actual, physical space within your home too!

Bifolds create the illusion of space

When it comes to faking that feeling of space, bifold doors are unrivalled. They essentially ‘borrow’ your outside space and bring it in, making it feel a part of your home. We’ve written before about the endless benefits of bringing the outside in – from its positive effects on our mental health and wellbeing to putting us at ease physically too. Creating a sense of continuity between the inside and out is a fantastic, easy way to open up the home and eliminate the feeling of being in a cramped, closed-in room. Read the full article for tips on blurring the divide and getting the two to work harmoniously.

Gain a room for free with bifold doors

Yes, you read that right. With bifold doors, you can gain a room for a fraction of the price of an extension! Whether you want to add extra living space, a place to dine, or even a bigger kitchen, bifold doors can help you achieve those goals. You see, there is a real trend for outdoor living spaces right now, so when it comes to utilising every square inch of your home, bifolds allow you access to that untapped resource – the garden! 

We know what you’re thinking – that’s great for the summer months but what about the rest of the year!? With clever use of pergolas, covers and stylish shelters you can make part of your garden feel more like a room. What’s more, outdoor lights and heaters are affordable and easily accessible these days, meaning you can use this ‘room’ year-round! 

Our top tip is to level your exterior floor (whether that’s a patio, tiles or decking) with your interior floor. A level threshold will maximise the flow seamlessly and make the space truly feel a part of your home.

Open up your home!

Bifold doors will instantly transform your home. A room with a single window and/or a single opening can feel closed off and depressing. Invest in bifold doors and you elevate that room into a gorgeous, expansive open space!

At Ironglaze we are specialists in bifold doors in Ipswich and surrounding areas. We offer both uPVC and contemporary aluminium frames, endless style options and full flexibility of design. Our bifolding external doors comply with building regulations regarding safety, energy efficiency and insulation. They are designed with our great British weather in mind – with harsh weather resistance, able to endure even the harshest of rains, winds and cold. 

So whether you are looking to bring a whole new look to your house, create that perfect entertaining zone, or open up your home, bifold doors are simple and effective. Get in touch with our team today, and let our bifold experts help you successfully extend your home without laying a breezeblock! 

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